• Services for Scalability

    Zoaks is a software development and strategy consulting firm that can provide you with a wide range of services that keep your mobile businesses at the cutting-edge.

    Mobile App

    The mobile revolution has arrived. Allowing customers to purchase your products on the go is critical to success of your business. Let us put your presence on customers' mobile devices.

    Design & Development

    Zoaks empowers organizations to take full advantage of modern mobility. We are a full service company offering mobile UI graphic design, app development, software/database integration, hosting, and custom report generation services. We provide expertise to help make the decisions about where to invest in mobile and the ability to execute mobile projects flawlessly.

  • Clients for Life

    Our business is tied to your success. We view every development opportunity as a long-term strategic alliance centered on our mutual goals of dedicated customer service and reliable and on-going support. At the end of day, we measure the success of our programs by your success.

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    airDMX is the one and only real wireless DMX controller for iPad!

    You can create Programs and Cues for any lighting fixtures. Including a huge fixture library with 3000+ fixtures.

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    Baby's Brilliant

    Videos of every day life for babies and toddlers set to classical music, from the most beloved composers. The children learn while being entertained.

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    Good TV

    Good TV is a monthly publication for Christian, based in Taiwan. Now can be more environmentally friendly and convenient!

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    Hseiyue Pottery

    Quick and easy browsing Hseiyue Pottery, in a concise way to get your online selection and match your favorite tiles.

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    Tarot MAX

    This is the most practical and complete experience of Tarot reading, the classic masterpiece among apps of numerology. You will be able to experience the essence of Tarot theory, which you will also discover yourself, exploring love, and to clarify the friendship you have from your work, even the fate between you and your pet. Tarot MAX provides the most comprehensive experience of mysterious power of Tarot. Either you are staying at home, stock in traffic jam, daydreaming in class, or working over time, you can get the suggestion from Tarot immediately.

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    Touch Miaoli

    Touch Miaoli will take you to experience a new travel impressed!

    Time, in the mountain town of Miaoli slowed the pace to keep the natural, retain the quaint alleys, but also to retain the traditional essence. Miaoli County in recent years led to the county's cultural and creative development of the tourism industry, nourish the development of aesthetic design direction Miaoli traditional industries, trying to live a new life out of old soul.

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    U-Sync. lets you store all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Access any file you save to your U-Sync. from all your computers, iPhone, iPad and the U-Sync. website.